Hi There!

My name is Amber Florin and I am an actress from Los Angeles, California currently based in LA and NYC!

Fun fact about me is that I consider myself bi-coastal! I was born in New Jersey, but my family and I moved out to Los Angeles and  we lived there for six years. My first exposure to the joy of being on stage was performing in dance competitions at a young age. Once I moved to LA, I continued to dance but I also went to schools with performing arts programs. There I got more involved in acting and singing and I loved it. Then I landed my first major role as Bridget in Bring it On! The Musical.  After that, I knew that Musical Theater was what I wanted to do. I then got accepted into the CAP21/Molloy College Musical Theater BFA program, where I just graduated from in May of 2020.


If you're curious to learn a little bit more about my theater experience, my headshot and resume are below =)

Some other random fun facts about me: I am a huge Disney fan, I mostly listen to rock music, I'm a certified bartender, I'm left-handed, and I've dyed my hair a lot over the years.